Tips From Semalt On How To Execute Competitive Analysis Of SEO Campaign

SEO is a cost-effective campaign that requires a client to be vigilant with long term strategies. Have you ever wondered how your competitor has got highly in your most prioritized keyword? That's where competitive analysis comes in.

To avoid stiff competition in SEO, it is important to observe your competitor closely, read out the reports thoroughly, and execute competitive analysis accordingly. The expert of Semalt Digital Services, Andrew Dyhan explains how to run a competitive analysis of SEO.

Before you start your SEO campaign, consider carrying out a proper examination of who your competitors are, what keywords they use, and what processes they had been going through to achieve their score. SEO competitive analysis helps a client to achieve goals, track down efforts, and keep up with SEO pace to remain at the top.

Competitive analysis is a sequential and procedural process that allows you to structure SEO efforts. Different tools and strategies may be used to execute a competitive analysis. We in Semalt have elaborated an effective 4-step guide on how to perform an effective competitive analysis of SEO campaign.

Keyword identification

Choosing an effective keyword might be a difficult task. You can hire SEO professionals to choose an appropriate keyword for your competitive analysis. After the keyword identification, competitive analysis helps clients to come up with other potential keywords in the process.

A number of ways are used in the keyword identification. A client is given the option to use the reliable one, depending on the type of the business.

  • The use of Google Keyword planner tool that does research on the best keyword
  • The use of user intent to create the keyword strategy
  • The trend of long-tail keyword in the online businesses

Define SEO competitors

SEO campaign is like a race, where noone wins. When it comes to SEO, your competitors are those being ranked on the first two pages, with the same keyword as yours. However, it is good to note down that your online competitors are not always your business competitors.

It is also possible that you have direct competitors that you know absolutely nothing about. This is where competitive comes in handy. Competitive analysis comprises of intelligence tools such as Keyword Spy and SEMRush. These top-ranked tools will help to identify firms going for your chosen keywords. When using the intelligence tools, consider upgrading to a premium account so as to get the full list of competitors.

Competitive intelligence tools also help you to find another keyword that can be incorporated in your SEO strategy.

Determine your authoritative competitors' sites

Sometimes one can have unrealistic aspirations for an SEO site. To avoid this, determine how authoritative your competitors' websites are create an effective plan of dealing with it. Competitive analysis helps firms to consider some of the factors such as the domain authority and the specific age of a domain.

After identifying your top-ranked competitors, use your competitive intelligence tool to find out your competitors social metrics, the page authority, and the domain authority. Simply type your competitors URL into your tool and read the information. Also, competitive analysis tools help a client to learn the number of links shared by the competitor, the anchor texts, and the top pages.

To have an effective SEO campaign, consider competing with market players whose sites have a lower domain authority than that of your site.

Sites and pages comparison

After passing through the first three steps, you will have comprehensive details of who your competitors are, and their sites domain authorities. By now you also have a detailed report of how cumbersome it will be to deal with your competitors. Consider using Semalt Website Analyzer. The tool can run comprehensive analysis of competitor's SEO performance, including such a basic things as vivid description of keyword density, the number of links in a site, the page size, and the total number of words in a page.

As a client, you may also be curious to find out how you connect to the social media platforms. In such a situation, Klout is the best tool to obtain a wide overview of how famous an individual is. Klout tool can analyze of up to 12 billion signals at a time, giving you an idea of how simple or difficult it will be to compete with your competitors in the social media platforms.

Another great tool of comparing influences is Alexa, a tool that gives the details on demographics, the bounce rate, and the daily pages overview. Rixot is another tool that enables client to have a detailed idea of who they are dealing with and the keywords that are worth applying in your SEO practice.

Performing competitive analysis is the thing you should never miss. When executing your SEO campaign, it is important to know both your direct and indirect competitors. Use a natural language and choose your keyword wisely.

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